Santa Monica Studio Rolls Out Photo Mode in God of War Update

Get ready to capture a father’s disappointment like never before with the new Photo Mode in God of War! Both fans and critics alike have been gushing over just how gorgeous the game is and finally, Santa Monica Studio has provided an opportunity for those blossoming artists out there to capture the true beauty of the game. Photo Mode launches today in Patch 1.20 along with a few other updates that increase quality of life while playing the game.

Let’s face it, the share button is nice for capturing quick moments in a game, but Photo Mode allows users to get super dramatic with scenes of their choosing by utilizing aperture adjustments, filters, borders and even the ability to change a character’s facial expressions. You can even navigate around the scene and unleash your inner Michael Bay to get that ethereal lens flare just right. Jeet Shroff, the Engineering Lead at Santa Monica, explains that Photo Mode gives players the freedom to engage creatively with the game, “with player choice being such a central theme to many of the decisions we made on God of War, we sought to deliver a Photo Mode with lots of options.”

Additionally, this new update increases the text size in all UI and Menus, and allows accessibility settings to remap Rage Mode. But wait, there’s more! New God of War emoji stickers are now available for your mobile devices. You can download them for free on the App Store¬†for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. Never fear, Android users, it has been confirmed that these emojis will soon be coming to you via the PS Messages App. In the meantime, get out there and slay that camera!