SNK Officially Announces Neo Geo Mini Video Game Console

It seems like everywhere you look these days there are Neo Geo games popping up. Not only has the Nintendo Switch been receiving ports of all the platform’s games for months now, but now SNK will be releasing a purpose-built device to experience the classic titles. The Neo Geo Mini will include forty games from the Neo Geo system — which had two variants with the home system dubbed the AES and the arcade version the MVS — all of which are built into a portable plug-n-play cabinet with a 3.5 inch display.

The device will come in two flavors — one for the Asian market that mimics the Japanese version of the arcade cabinet with its black, white and red color scheme and the other for the international market (North/South America, Europe) that boasts a simplified design in black, white and blue. While the international variant recalls the AES, it seems like a missed opportunity not to represent the iconic red and white MVS cabinet still seen today in arcades and finer bowling alleys nationwide.

It’s unknown exactly what the forty games will be comprised of, but from the first images of the device SNK has released (seen below), it looks like Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, Real Bout Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown II, Samurai Shodown Special, The King of Fighters 97, The King of Fighters 98 and RB2 The Newcomers will be included. Hopefully we’ll see more obscure Neo Geo games as well like Spinmaster and Over Top.

The Neo Geo mini will also feature an HDMI out terminal, a headphone jack and two external controller terminals (unclear if USB or if it’ll support original Neo Geo hardware, which would be a great feature). No other details have been released about the device — including a price point — but we’ll be sure to update you when more is revealed.

If this seems like déjà vu to you, it’s no surprise as just a few years ago Tommo released a plug-n-play Neo Geo console under the name Neo Geo X. That platform also had a built-in screen and could be connected to a TV docked via HDMI. While it had a coolness factor to it, its launch was rife with problems and was quickly abandoned, never realizing its potential. Hopefully this fairs better, but it should be noted one disadvantage it has over its predecessor is that it lacks the ability to play additional games via SD cards, even if that feature was never properly utilized with the X.