Sony Updates Warranty Terms for PlayStation Platforms

Due to sanctions by the Federal Trade Commission to rid console makers of warranty stickers on their systems, Sony has been the first to update its warranty terms. Microsoft and Nintendo will need to do the same within 30 days. Sony now allows its consoles to be opened as the warranty sticker is now rendered meaningless. This applies to PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PS VR. However, if you damage the unit while opening the system, it will not be covered. So you can now open the system to fully clean the system of dust or possibly change some other aspects if you feel comfortable. This should only be done by professionals. Sony Interactive Entertainment states under the new guidelines that, “SIE will not decline to provide in-warranty service for these systems based solely on the warranty seal being altered or removed–even if a seal on the product itself says the warranty is void if it is damaged or removed.” The warranty does not extend the time frame of coverage, but removing the seal does not ruin the provided warranty.