Adult Swim’s ‘Death’s Gambit’ Get Release Date

The stylized and challenging 2D sidescroller/RPG Death’s Gambit was announced today to be coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on August 14 of this year, according to a new trailer on Adult Swim Games’ YouTube channel.

Death’s Gambit touts its dark and gothic world of Siradon, full of monsters and bosses that will require you to use your various weapons and abilities with creative strategies. Multiple avenues through levels add replayability as well. See the new trailer announcing Death Gambit’s release date here:

White Rabbit is working with Adult Swim Games to make their first game. The studio was founded by Jean Canellas and Alex Kubodera, who created White Rabbit after graduating from USC. Adult Swim is of course known for TV but has somewhat recently ventured into games. Since they began, they’ve made popular games like Kingsway and Pocket Morty’s, as well as over 200 others across all platforms.

Death’s Gambit is available for preorder on Steam for $19.99, which includes the exclusive scythe, shield, and skin from the Chosen of Death Pack DLC.