Warriors Orochi 4 Introduces a New Mystical Threat

Koei Tecmo America has officially announced that Warriors Orochi 4 will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam this fall. After defeating the demon Orochi, the heroes from the Warring States period of Japan, the Three Kingdoms period of China and other random heroes such as Achilles and Ryu Hayabusa thought they would be returning to their proper eras. Things didn’t quite go as expected, and the two worlds are mysteriously merged together. Upon investigating this merging of worlds the deity Zeus is discovered, though his involvement and motives are presently unknown. Warriors Orochi 4 will feature an enormous roster of 170 characters, five of which will be brand new characters joining the returning cast of heroes from Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi. Details on the current additions to the one versus one thousand formula will be revealed in the coming weeks leading up to the release, such as powerful magic spells and the ability to combine weaponry and magic to unleash devastating attacks.