Craft the Insane Sci-Fi Gun of Legends With Hypergun

So Borderlands 3 is rumored to be coming soon, thank to Wal-Mart’s leak earlier this week. But if you can’t wait until Autumn or later to get your hands on even more truly crazed firearms, then Canadian developers NVYVE Studios have you covered with Hypergun. A fast-paced, neon-drenched, roguelike FPS, the game takes place in the year 2038, where aliens have invaded and the only way to defeat them is to use a high-tech simulator to craft the the ultimate superweapon in the form of the titular Hypergun.

Playing as DevTech Labs’ plucky intern Dewey Owens, you’ll be taking on alien hordes in multitudes of procedurally generated levels, using over one hundred and fifty weapon modules to create the gun of your dreams. Did you ever want to stick a giant pushpin on a rifle, or 3-D glasses? Well, as seen in the announcement trailer below, that’s a possibility in this world. Hypergun comes out this Summer for PC, PS4, and XB1, and looks to hopefully provide a hefty dose of action.