Fusion University Not Allowed to Wear Jerseys on Stage

We’re down to the Overwatch Contenders playoffs and some interesting news came out of the Philidelphia Fusion Academy team’s camp today. They aren’t allowed to wear their jerseys on stage.

For those that have not seen the Fusion University’s Jerseys you can check them out in the tweet issued below, but all they say is, “FU Fusion University.” The FU is center stage on the jersey while the Fusion University bit is right below it. It’s simple, but you can see where the “controversy” comes from.

This is seemingly all part of Overwatch’s recent initiative to take anything potentially toxic out of their Esport. With the recent issues they’ve been having regarding player conduct and the usual Twitch chat spams it seems they’re going full tilt on everything.

Does it make sense here? That for you to decide, but regardless so far they’ll be wearing blank shirts as they head into the Overwatch Contenders Grand Finals.