Boss Key Productions to Shutdown

Studio head Cliff Bleszinski today announced the closure of his development studio, Boss Key Productions.

Established in 2014, Boss Key Productions was set to be legendary developer Cliff Bleszinski’s jumping off point following his departure from Epic Games. As one of the key people behind the Gears of War franchise, there was a lot of anticipation around Cliffy B’s first solo project. Unfortunately, neither of Boss Key’s projects managed to take off. As such, the studio is shutting down.

Boss Key Productions’ first title, LawBreakers, attempted to follow-up Overwatch’s success with a gritty take on the hero shooter. Despite solid reviews, the game failed to catch on. Following that, Boss Key turned to the Battle Royale market with Radical Heights. Though the game found some success early on, players quickly abandoned the game for the more polished and content-rich Fortnite and PUBG. Despite two attempts, Boss Key Productions was never able to find its footing.

We wish Cliff Blezenski and all Boss Key Production employees all the best.