Pyke, The BloodHarbor Ripper

Riot has officially revealed the abilities of their newest champion, Pyke, The BloodHarbor Ripper.

Pyke joins the cast as supposedly as a support hero, but as we all know he’ll be flexed into a lot of other roles when he first gets released. His kit seems pretty nice as well offering him a wide array of tools to affect the field of play. He has a slow and the ability to pull-back all in one, higher mobility/camouflage, a dash that stuns and an ult that resets if it kills.

There’s a lot more to him and their gameplan with his abilities are interesting. For instance, Pyke’s ult will reset upon a kill like Darius’ but will also grant full kill gold to the last person to assist. So a level 6 engage in bot with a Pyke ulting double kill will allow the ADC to get fed like they had the kills themselves.

Check out the reveal here.