Nate Nanzer on Overwatch League Stage 4

Overwatch League Commissioner, Nate Nanzer, has spoken about what to expect come the beginning of Stage 4 of the Overwatch League set to start tomorrow.

There’s been a lot of talk about playing on the current patch of the game and allowing in the new reworked Hanzo. Players and fans have been advocating for it as they’ve been playing on the patch for some time now, but also just to finally know what they need to prepare for.

Today, a day before the stage is set to begin, Nanzer sent out a Twitter post with the details of what’s to come.

Recently there’s a been a lot of discussion as to which patch Stage 4 of the Overwatch League will–and should–be played on, 1.22 or 1.23. The league and the developers share the goal of Overwatch League play being on the latest patch possible, with certain exceptions. One is if it would be unfair to introduce a new patch mid-stage, in the heat of competition. That’s why the patch that reworked Mercy, which went live in Stage 1, didn’t appear in Overwatch League until Stage 2. Another reason is if we feel a new hero, or a significatly reworked hero, hasn’t been available for our teams to practice long enough in advance of the start of the stage.

Tournament stability is a third reason. A potential bug exists in patch 1.23 which inhibits the ability to accurately resume play on an escort map should a pause or disconnect occur. (It should be noted that the Overwatch League version of any patch is distinct from the live patch.) The developers have been working hard to find a fix, in time for Overwatch League players to prepare, but thus far they have been unable able to do so, to the degree of cetainty that we require for the league. As such, given the paramount importance of tournament stability. Stage 4 will be played on patch 1.22.

This means, if I’m correct in my patch note lookup, that not only will the new Hanzo not be available, neither will Brigitte. Along with the two more sought after champions the buffed and much easier to play Lucio will also not be available. You can see the patch notes here and see the full tweet below.