2D Shooter Birdcakes Gets May Release Date

Green Lava Studios today announced an official release for the forthcoming Birdcakes.

The procedurally generated 2D shooter will launch on May 29 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.

Birdcakes puts players in control of Pancake the Cupcake, who must defend his girlfriend, Cherry, from hungry flies after a picnic that went horribly wrong.

Green Lava’s title features two playable modes — a story campaign and ‘Infinite’ — as well as allowing players to compete for bragging rights with its online leaderboards.

With over six worlds to explore and repel the fly problem, players must remain vigilant and avoid death at any costs. Green Lava says that players will keep their power-ups should they die, but they will have to start Birdcakes from the beginning.

“This is the first time we work on a simultaneous launch on several platforms, and honestly we don’t have [an] idea what we are doing!” Green Lava said in a press release. “But we really hope that y’all will like it. We made this game with love! … And other, unbecoming, horrible emotions…”