A Stylized Walk in the Woods in Shape of the World’s Release Date Trailer

There’s enough stress in the world already, and sometimes it’s better to relax rather than ignore it by chasing another hit of excitement.  The end result is roughly the same, in that a good round of gaming acts as a nice mental cleanser and puts everything in perspective, but there are multiple possible roads to this goal.  Whether it’s the adrenaline-hit of the arcade, deep strategic thought required for puzzles or strategy, or a nice walk through fantastic scenery, so long as you come out the other side with a refreshed brain it’s an excellent use of one’s gaming time.  Shape of the World is from that last category, a relaxing stroll through a forest made from sold colors, where trees, rocks, and other bits of the landscape spring up around you as you explore.  There’s a “right” way to get through the game, heading straight to next triangle-gate, but that would be the wrong thing to do when the entire point is to not have to worry about a specific objective or defending yourself along the way.  There are rivers to follow, paths through the woods, creatures wandering or flying about, and a chilled soundtrack to back up the experience. If you’re wondering where the journey goes, or other goal-based facts, just repeat to yourself it’s just a stroll, I should really just relax.

Shape of the World is launching for PS4 and PC on June 5, Xbox One and Switch on June 6.  Watch the trailer below to give your eyeballs a nice color-massage.