Lab Zero’s Indivisible Delayed Into Next Year

Its presentation and delivery might seem simple, but the game’s interesting real-time battle system and side-scrolling adventure-platforming made Lab Zero’s upcoming title, Indivisible, one of our most anticipated titles going into 2018 during our end-of-year discussions late last year. Unfortunately, it looks as though the game might be finding itself on the anticipated list for a second time, as the studio has today announced that the game has been delayed until 2019.

Lab Zero were so sorry, they even made a stand-alone drawing of main protagonist Ajna clearly asking/hoping for forgiveness in delivering this update (above). Speaking of the decision¬†on their blog, Lab Zero admit that the project ended up being much larger in scale than they had originally anticipated. Coupled with¬†issues pertaining to shipping, it ultimately led the team to deduce that the game would not be ready this year. Lab Zero however, haven’t provided a firm date or window for when Indivisible may now likely release. Indivisible will be available across PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC.