VA-11 HALL-A Heading to Consoles Next Year

The self-described cyberpunk bartender action of VA-11 HALL-A will be making its way onto consoles in the first quarter of 2019, developer Sukeban Games have today announced. The acclaimed point-and-click title — which has players take on the role of a bartender, trying one’s best to chat with the many customers present — will be coming to both PS4 & Switch, in what will be roughly two and a half years since it originally released for PC in June 2016.

“We were inspired by old-school adventure games, and really wanted to create a narrative experience without the pressures of obtaining a particular ending,” Christoper Ortiz, co-founder of Sukeban Games, explains. “Every story you hear is important, and drinks served to even the supporting characters can have tangible impacts on progression through the game.” You can see the game in action in the below trailer.