Xbox One Least Favorite Platform for Independent Developers, Survey Claims

While Xbox One may still be getting third party support year-on-year from the larger developers and publishers alike, the independent scene isn’t taking as kindly to Microsoft’s platform so far as preference goes. At least that’s what a recent survey, conducted by, undertaken during this year’s recent EGX Rezzed, seems to suggest. Based on the feedback from a total of 61 developers, only 1.6% preferred Xbox if they had to decide on a single platform for release. Sony meanwhile, having previously struck gold during the console’s early years, didn’t seem to hold any stronger an opinion either with only 11.5% preferring the PS4 as an exclusive platform.

The Nintendo Switch on the other-hand, seems to have done something right in the minds of smaller studios and developers with nearly a third of those surveyed choosing the hybrid-console over its two nearest competitors — some of the praise pointing towards its healthy market position, established consumer-base and curated eShop page, among many areas. Unsurprisingly, PC remains dominant (as it usually is) with a 47.5% share of responses.

As you might expect, 61 developers isn’t a full reflection of the industry — albeit, an industry of smaller, independent developers/publishers — though it’s still surprising to see the opinions from what is a still-growing and creative moreso part of the industry, contrasting so highly between consoles. Just one of many things Microsoft should look into if they mean to improve Xbox’s perception, both with consumers and creators alike.