Destiny 2 What Comes After Warmind While Waiting for the Next Thing

With Destiny 2: Warmind a little over a week out Bungie is fulfilling their promise to it’s player base that they will continue to deliver development updates.

Following through with previous iterations Bungie has laid out an updated Destiny 2 Roadmap looking at the road ahead through the summer leading up to the next big DLC coming this September. The Summer ahead looks as bright as an engram, with new Prestige Modes on the way, quality of life fixes and Bounties  making a comeback from Destiny.

One of the more notable things is the Crucible Labs which will give players access to test servers in the Crucible where Bungie is playing around with new game modes. Much like other online games this will ease the burden of rolling out new content without the chance of breaking the game. Another stand out is Exotic Armor Sandbox changes, seeing as Exotic Armor is feeling lackluster after the Exotic Weapons update.

All in all, the road ahead for Destiny 2 is looking smooth with plenty to do this Summer keeping Guardians busy and having fun while waiting for the next big thing. Stay tuned Guardian for any additional updates as they come.