Pre-order New Lillie Nendoroid to Liven Up Your Pokémon Collection

Lillie is a popular character from the Pokémon Sun and Moon series. She starts out a bit shy and scared of some Pokémon but is determined to face her fears! Lillie received a different Nendoroid collectible one year ago which means you’ll be able to have two Lillies!

This particular Nendoroid figure depicts Lillie in a sportier appearance which means she is ready to head out into the world. Pre-orders are open for the Lively Lillie figure. She has her hair tied up, a new outfit and a backpack. A couple of different face plates are included. A Heal Ball and Clefairy companion are also included. Depending on which website you place your order with, a different accessory is added. Via Goodsmile you get an Alolan Photo Frame Set but with the Pokémon Company you receive a miniature Cosmoem figure.

Pre-orders for Lively Lillie are open now and close on June 14. However, the actual item will not be made available to own until November 2018. Take a look at Lillie in the images below and make your decision now!