Psychological Thriller Green Hell Announced, Trailer Revealed

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the beauty of the Amazon rain forest, but lack the travel budget, it looks like Polish developer Creepy Jar is willing to accommodate you. Wake up in the lush environment of the Amazons (without memory of what happened, of course) and put your survival skills to the test in Green Hell. It may not be the vacation you were looking for, but it does absolutely focus on the realism of its environment and gameplay. Creepy Jar boasts attention to detail in Green Hell, and even went as far as to consult experts so that your time in the jungle is as accurate as it can get. Initial impressions from the trailer show the painstaking details and textures found in the environment. You’ll need to craft everything for your survival, down to camping accommodations and hunting gear. Threats are not always what they appear as you’ll battle everything from psychological pressures to blood-sucking parasites. Not only will you need to pay attention to your surroundings, but also your own body as unchecked infections and illnesses could spell your demise.

Some Gorilla Glue will fix that right up.

Bit by bit, you will unveil more of the mystery of how you came to be in this hostile situation as you fight for your survival in a world more grim than initially thought. It will take mental fortitude and primal strength to overcome the challenge that is Green Hell. Made up of ex-Techland Warsaw members (Dying Light, Dead Island, Nail’d), Creepy Jar promises an intense psychologically thrilling survival simulator to die for. Green Hell has two main modes to keep players occupied. The first is a story mode where you’ll have to uncover the secrets behind the Amazon. For players who want a challenge, a survival mode will also be available to test your abilities. The first-person, single player Amazonian adventure will enter Early Access for PC later this summer with plans to arrive on consoles at a later time.