New Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Showcases Special Attacks, Summons

With E3 only a couple of weeks away now, one would expect the likes of Square-Enix to be holding all reveals for the big show. However, that’s somehow not the case. Earlier today, the publisher released almost ten minutes of new gameplay footage for the wildly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3. Just about everything released for the game so far has proven exciting, and this new footage is no exception. On display this time around is a cliff-side boss fight with Hercules’ Earth Titan, a new summon in the form of Wreck It Ralph and special moves galore! It’s almost too much for a Kingdom Hearts fan to take in all at once, but here it is.

Even with just these snippets of gameplay, it’s obvious that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be dripping in Disney charm. Past Kingdom Hearts games had it too, but this newest entry in the series is taking it to another level. For a fan, it’s probably impossible not to smile while watching this.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently set to release sometime in 2018.