Yoshimitsu is His Usual, Unpredictable Self in Soul Calibur VI

It’s now confirmed that Yoshimitsu will be returning for Soul Calibur VI. The mechanical, half-crazed samurai has been a regular presence in the series since its first entry, so his return here probably isn’t surprising to long-time fans. Still, they might not have expected him to to somehow become even more unpredictable as a fighter. In the video below, Yoshimitsu shows off movements that, while not impossible, are still hard to follow.

Just like every other fighter announced thus far, it looks like Yoshimitsu will be a fearsome contender for any skill level. Unlike the others though, his unpredictable moves might just make him an unstoppable force in the hands of a master.

Soul Calibur VI is currently set to release in 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.