Screenshot Saturday Featuring Black Future ’88, Factory Town, Many More

It’s probably for the best that Screenshot Saturday is only once a week because this much information all at once can approach overload levels.  Each Saturday sees developers post their progress from the week, and the hundreds of images and tweets just keep on pouring out as the day progresses.  It’s a big world with 24 different time zones as well, so in practical terms “Saturday” generally ends up being over 36 hours long.  This feature usually pulls about a dozen images from the pile based on how interesting/entertaining it may be, but sometimes things grow out of hand.  There’s a lot to see here so let’s get to it.

Faria: Spiritbird-  RPG adventure in an open world about an Item Seeker who hunts the world to fulfill the requests of her clients.  There’s no epic quest to save the land from an overwhelming danger, but rather an classic-style RPG open world to explore and fight a few critters in while defining your own adventure.

City Tour-  Maybe a game, maybe not.  Whatever it may be it looks like a wonderful place to go exploring.

PositronX-  Randomized FPS that reverses the idea of Superhot, with time stopping while you move and moving when you stand still.  Like the the tweet says.  Um…  Awfully shiny, though, and the seeing the clouds from the explosion frozen while being circle-strafed around is always a nice effect.

Pachacuti-  Fusion of Castlevania-style 2D action and Incan-influenced design, featuring a main character that can switch between warrior and acrobat form at will to get through whatever may come her way.  She’s animated to within an inch of her life whatever form she’s in, though.

Black Future ’88- Climb a tower and kill everything inside in a synthpop/cyberpunk techno-neon mashup. I actually got to play a bit of this back at PAX East and looking at this clip makes me realize I didn’t spend anywhere near enough time with it.

Cosmo’s Quickstop- Run an interstellar truck stop straight out of the 50s in an action-management game where you take care of your customers no matter how weird they may be. I can’t help but imagine the guy in the driver’s seat has a movement-macro programmed in while he sits there quietly getting the day’s work done, looking like the perkiest employee imaginable no matter his mood.

Line- Caroline is a young girl living on a beautiful island, followed by her robot sidekick as she embarks on an adventure to… do something. It’s incredibly early and details like “plot” are still a good ways off, but the focus is on running about the island meeting its many inhabitants and presumably helping them out in some fashion. Or maybe she’s a little hoodlum. One of the two.

Unnamed- Hard to say, but it looks like a card-based action game where your hand determines the available moves but time doesn’t completely stop, so you need to think and act quick to avoid a faceplant. It looks like a quicker hand on playing a Flip card might have saved this run, but that’s pure speculation.

Unnamed- There’s an awful lot of “maybe” or “unknown” in this week’s list and here’s another. It’s an adventure game of some sort, but whether it’s a short little thing about a girl exploring a dilapidated playground or if this scene is a small part of something bigger is still to be revealed.

The Siege and the Sandfox- Stealthy metroidvania where an assassin is framed for the king’s death and must escape the dungeon to save the city. It’s hard to kill people for a living when you don’t have a home, after all. The Sandfox is climbing up the pillar in this shot, staying out of the way of the oblivious guard while a… dog? sniffs the ground below.

Factory Town- Start with the Town part, build the Factories, then link everything together into a bustling hive of efficient productivity. Manage the supply chains in a colorful sandbox backed up with a bit of magic and a surprising amount of cuteness for such heavy industrialization.

Slug Slasher- Seven Slimy slugs spring surprisingly. Salty slashing subsequently secures survival.

Silverfish- Zip around an arena swarming with bug-fish, dodging like mad until a tasty powerup sends out a shockwave to buy a second of time, then clean up the point-drops while keeping an eye out for the next star of explodiness.

Squarewaves- Perspective puzzles from a first-person viewpoint in the strange ruins that are always home to this kind of thing.

Bonus Images

Normally this is for something off the top of my head with nothing to do with the game being featured, but this week has a mini-theme running through it of before/after shots illustrating the difference an extended period of development can make.  It’s always important to take a second to look where you’ve been so you can actually see the results of the day-to-day grind of slow improvements.  So here’s a bunch of them-

Flotsam- Build a floating settlement out of the detritus left over from a drowned world.

Etherborn- Walk around the curved walls and gravity politely changes its perspective along with you, leading to some very clever platforming challenges.

FlashDrive-  Mario Kart-style racer currently running on Kickstarter, complete with demo linked from the site.

Dream Racer- Even a week is enough time for noticeable change during the early stages of a project.

Onslaught VR-  Blast everything from an aerial mobile gun platform, and use a little tower defense along the way to protect your base from the invasion.