Everspace Launches on to PS4, Physical Edition Coming from Limited Run Games

Outer space is known for being filled with nothing.  That’s kind of its signature feature, in fact.  The void is inky black and stretches on forever, far beyond the limits of human comprehension despite our ability to define it with numbers, and the stars are too distant to ever be anything other than solid chips of light making the endless Nothing even darker.  And then there’s Everspace, which took one look at the infinite vacuum and figured it was a typo.  If you’re going to exchange high-impact laser fire with marauding pirates and corporate minions while maneuvering at hyperspeed it’s best to do it in environments that make the Pillars of Creation look downright subdued.

Everspace has had an incredible journey from its Kickstarter days, coming out on PC in Early Access before graduating to a full release almost a year ago.  Since then the roguelike space shooter has added a VR mode, come out on Xbox One, and seen an expansion added to its already full list of options, and as of today it’s also available on PS4.  The game can be picked up as either Everspace: Stellar Edition with everything in the bundle, including expansion and soundtrack (no VR, though), or piecemeal one component at a time.  Additionally, later this summer sees the Everspace: Galactic Edition being published by Limited Run Games, which includes everything from the Stellar Edition plus a full-color 28 page Making of Everspace booklet.  Take a look at the trailer below to see the lightning-fast space shooting action in all its pyrotechnic inky-voidless beauty.