New Friday the 13th: The Game Trailer Reveals Single Player Challenge Release Date

New challenges await Friday the 13th: The Game fans out in the murky woods of Camp Crystal Lake.  Specifically, new single player challenges. There are a lot of unruly camp counselors in need of a fresh taste of fear, and, as Jason, it will be up to the players to see that they receive it in style.

These challenges will task players with chasing down the game’s various camp counselors in several scenarios taken from the movies. These missions will be replayable and will include specific challenges for each combination of map and scenario being played.

These challenges will be accompanied by the game’s latest general update, which includes Counselor Victoria Sterling, new skins for Roy, updated Jason grab and weapon selection, PC key-binding, AI improvements and a re-balance for Part Seven Jason.

The new content and update will be made available to all players free of charge, and will go live on May 24. Check out our review and see if stomping around in Jason’s shoes is all it’s cracked up to be.