Nintendo Japan Offering Switch Systems Without Docks in Online Store

Perhaps the most logical next step in the Switch’s life cycle seems to have been pushed forward by Nintendo sooner than many thought. The Switch is indeed a hybrid console for handheld and home gaming, but many families might want multiple systems but just don’t need two docks. Fortunately for those in Japan, they’ve already come up with the solution. This dock-less version of the Switch comes with nearly all the accessories of a normal system minus the dock, HDMI cable and AC adapter making it purely a handheld experience. This is best suited for those households that already have a dock and charger or for those who just want to play on the go and don’t mind buying the adapter separately.

It’s available for 24,980 yen which is equivalent to approximately $250 dollars. While it might not be the massive decrease people were looking for, it is a nice option for larger households with lots of gamers. It’s unknown at this time if this version will see a western release, but it will likely make its way over sometime in the future.

Those interested can check the Switch for sale out here, but it is not available for international sale.