Battlefield V Reveals Grand Operations, New Co-Op Mode

The Battlefield V reveal event today had a lot to discuss and one of the big things they talked about was game modes. Battlefield V will add new modes and bring back old ones in new ways.

First up was Grand Operations. Operations were added in Battlefield 1 and had players move through a map in a tug of war battle to take areas for your own. In Grand Operations, the stakes will be raised as you fight to take over maps in a four “day” marathon. It may not go to the fourth day if the winning team is ahead enough.

Combined arms bringsĀ co-op back to Battlefield, where you and three friends go up against waves of enemies in a resource-scarce environment where you can choose how you want to attack. War Stories will also be making a return, but instead of releasing all at once, a new story will come with each release of DLC, adding to the story and to the overall narrative of the expansion. The first War Story will release at launch and tell the tale of a young Norwegian resistance fighter as she takes on the Nazis who have taken her home from her.

More on Battlefield V will be shown at EA Play the weekend before E3. Hardcore Gamer will be covering EA Play as well as all of E3 2018.