First Details of Madden NFL 19 Revealed, Terrell Owens on Hall of Fame Edition Cover

With E3 right around the corner and the NFL Draft complete, fans of the Madden series are eager to hear some news. EA has finally cracked the door open today on some things to expect for Madden NFL 19. There will be two editions: Standard and the Hall of Fame Edition. Dawning the cover of the Hall of Fame Edition is Terrell Owens. Players can pre-order Madden NFL 19: Hall of Fame Edition starting today for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Hall of Fame Edition grants 3 days early access to the full game, 1 of 5 Elite Legends Players, 1 Elite Player from your favorite NFL team, 1 Training Pack, 1 Madden NFL 19 Cover Athlete Elite Player, 12 Gold Team Fantasy Packs, and 2 custom uniforms in Madden NFL Ultimate Team. The five upgradeable Elite Legends are Terrell Owens, Brian Urlacher, Rod Woodson, Dan Marino and Terrell Davis.

Madden Ultimate Team also brings more ways to play with your custom roster. Solo Battles is a leaderboard-driven reward system that compares performance in single player challenges against other top MUT players. With MUT Squads in Madden NFL 18, players could team up and go 3-on-3 against other opponents. With Madden NFL 19, players can now team up against the computer to take on set challenges. Connected Franchise will also go deeper with Player Positional Archetypes.  The PPA will help determine which players are the best fit for your scheme. Trying to sign a high rated 3-4 defensive end to put in your 4-3 defense? That scheme won’t work well with this new mode.

Now for the game changing aspect. EA introduced the Frostbite Engine to last year’s game and it paid dividends to the gameplay. Year Two introduces Real Player Motion that features realistic character movements and animation variety. This helps to create authentic movement unique to positions and body types for the most realistic experience. RPM will allow players to “Hit the Hole” by finding an open lane and maneuvering around your opponent. This should allow for lineman to behave like lineman and the potential for excellent wide receiver and defensive back interaction. Madden NFL 19 will release on August 10.