Open World Lovecraftian Game The Sinking City Receives Teaser Trailer

Frogwares are a development team fully experienced with crafting games based on classic literature, having made a multitude of Sherlock Holmes games. Their latest work (and collaboration with BigBen Interactive), however, sees them trading in the streets of London for a nightmarish version of Massachusetts as they head to the Lovecraft universe with their new game, The Sinking City. A new teaser for it was released that you can check out below, and it does indeed look like a promising bit of horror.

Set in the city of Oakmont, the game sees you playing as a private investigator attempting to uncover the source of the supernatural force that has gripped the city, caused strange floods, and has driven several people insane. The game plans to be open world with an open investigation and a fair share of both combat and dialogue-based moments, so it sounds quite ambitious, to say the least. The Sinking City will be due out later this year for PC, XB1, and PS4, and demos of it will be showcased at E3 2018, so stay tuned for more information and possible impressions of it.