Mega Man 11 Gears Up For an October Release With New Trailer

After being potentially leaked via a ratings board online, today the release date for the much-anticipated Mega Man 11 was confirmed. The latest entry in the Blue Bomber’s battles will be hitting this October, and with this news comes a new trailer that you can check out below, showing off the game’s new Double Gear system. As seen in the clip, this particular tech is something that Dr. Wily came up with during his college days and is now using in his latest robot masters in a scheme to take over the world (because some things never change).

With Dr. Light now implementing the Double Gear system in Mega Man as well, our hero now has the ability to either use the Speed Gear to move rapidly and have everything around him appear to go in slow motion, thus avoiding hazards, or use the Power Gear to fire off an even more powerful Mega Buster, blasting through tough enemies and shields. Or, when health is critical, activate both system for one last massive shot, but at the cost of a weakened Mega Man afterwards.

Aside from featuring gameplay that showcases the Double Gear system in action, some voice acting, and the return of everyone’s favorite robo-canine, Rush, we also get to see the first boss battles with two Robot Masters: Block Man, who can manipulate blocks and transform into a massive behemoth, and Fuse Man, who can zip around the arena at lightning speed. But that’s not the end of it, as the official cover art for the game also gives us glimpses of the other six major foes, which you can also check out below. Mega Man 11 hits all major platforms on October 2 and will be playable for the first time at E3, so stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for possible hands-on impressions of the game soon.