Monster Hunting MMO Temtem Battling for Kickstarter Success

Pokémon is 22 years old.  If there was going to be a properly-online Pokémon then it would have happened by now, so it’s fair game for another developer to snag the idea and run with it.  Admitted, if you’d asked who this would come from then I probably wouldn’t have guessed the people who created roguelike-FPS Immortal Redneck, but apparently developer Crema doesn’t want to be pigeonholed.  While the word “pokémon” doesn’t show up anywhere in the project description the text and images leave no room for confusion about exactly where Temtem’s influences lie.

The temtem of the title are the creatures living in harmony with the inhabitants of six sky-islands circling what must be a very small sun.  Each island is its own habitat with a selection of creatures available, and while the temtem generally start as wild animals they can be captured and trained to be faithful companions.  This, of course, leads to the inevitable need to battle against other trainers, facing the monsters off in 2-on-2 confrontations to prove who’s best.  The critters are divided into some very familiar elemental types, and while the monsters can be up to two elements apiece each move is specific to its category.  Fights are turn-based with no random elements, so victory comes down to planning a good strategy against your opponent.

While the game is billed as an MMO, there’s a story-based campaign that can be played in either single-player or co-op.  Clan Belsoto is up to its usual tricks and only a skilled trainer can see them blasting off again defeated.  This requires visiting all six lands, evolving and breeding temtem into new forms, defeating the eight Dojo Leaders, and becoming a skilled master of pitting cute little monsters against each other to fight for your personal entertainment.  Whether you do this alone, join with friends, or ignore the story completely for the online aspects is completely your choice.

Temtem launched on Kickstarter today and is off to a fairly decent start.  While getting the $250,000 Switch stretch goal might be a bit much it’s currently over $17,000 towards its $70,000 base goal at the time of this writing, which is a pretty good indicator of success.  Head on over to the campaign to give it a look, or at least see it in action in the Kickstarter trailer below.