Zombies Invade Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer in Latest Event

Call of Duty: WWII’s next community event is here, and it’s bringing zombies to the multiplayer experience.

Attack of the Undead is the latest community event for Call of Duty: WWII, and it’s ready to scare up some scarily good content. The events adds new limited time game modes, new weapons, gear, and a new free map. The event kicks off today and runs through June 26.

Fan-favorite game mode Infected is the first of three new game modes and runs May 29 through June 5. It’ll then be followed by Hordepoint, a twist on Hardpoint, the following week, and then Relic of the Undead, a twist on Gridpoint, the week after.

Meanwhile, all players will get the Groesten Haus multiplayer map for free today. Set in the mountains around a cabin in the woods, the map features plenty of close quarters fighting spaces with little room to hide.

Finally, as with all previous community events, Attack of the Undead adds a ton of new items to Supply Drops, including themed gear, helmets, charms, and weapons. Five new ranged weapons a two melee weapons have been added to the game. Nab the Type 2 SMG, Blunderbuss shotgun, Stinger LMG, PTRS-41 and Lever Action sniper rifle through Collections, or hope you get lucky from a Supply Drop.

Attack of the Undead is live now through June 26, so be sure to log in and start taking down some zombies.