Hack Your Overwatch Collection by Pre-ordering this Sombra Nendoroid

One of the most popular video games in the world, Overwatch, has many heroic characters to play as. Sombra is definitely at the top of the list as she has a great backstory and offensive capabilities during matches. She’s a skilled hacker and will soon come as a Nendoroid figure!

This particular collectible shows off Sombra in an adorable chibi-style. The heads display her cool hairdo and the purple ensemble is quite stylish. Orders also come with a Machine Pistol and accessories to create the Hack ability as well as EMP. There are a couple of face plates and hands to create various poses and expressions.

Pre-orders for Sombra are available from May 31 to July 12. However, she will not be available to own until January 2019. May you can tap into your inner-Sombra hacker skills and move up the release date. Actually, don’t do that!