Those Persona Dancing Games Are Cutting a Rug in Japan

It’s no secret that Persona is a personal favorite around these parts. In fact, Persona 4: Golden stands as my all time personal favorite game, and the Vita rhythm game, Dancing All Night still gets tons of playtime on my trusty, and oft used, Vita. Still, even I was worried that releasing Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night might be too much at once. Based on one week’s worth of sales, the indicators are looking positive.

The two titles released May 24 in Japan. According to Persona Central, they’ve racked up 64,554 copies across the five SKUs, one each for PlayStation 4 and Vita, as well as a double pack. To put this into perspective, Persona 4: Dancing All Night took an entire month after launch to sell 94k copies in the same territory. While we’re talking about two different games on different systems compared to one Vita game, these numbers are promising. To me, they indicate that the odd decision to develop the two titles concurrently is paying off for Atlus and Sega. Hopefully, this will help get us a Western release sooner rather than later.