Yomawari: The Long Night Collection Coming to Switch

It’s easy to oversell horror.  There are tons of movies and games with the most contrived setups possible featuring melodrama and pointless cruelty, but that’s a freak show rather than actual horror.  In order for horror to land it needs to be on a relatable level, otherwise you can just laugh it off. It’s entertaining, sure, but not particularly effective at what it’s supposed to do.  The Yomawari games have plenty of jump scares and weird Japanese ghosts, frequently mining the most cliched settings possible (haunted school!), but the core of the stories are about kids looking for something they’ve lost while slowly realizing it’s never coming back, and the payoff is stronger because it’s played straight amidst a fun-house of haunted Japanese towns.  The two games initially came out for PC/Vita and PC/PS4/Vita, respectively, and now they’re being bundled up together as the Yomawari: The Long Night Collection for Switch.

The Yomawari games take place as night falls and the ghosts come out, and while the girls can’t fight the roaming terrors they can run and hide.  The heart of each game is the story, and both start off with events that I’m not going to spoil but cast a shadow over the rest of night.  For more details here are reviews of Night Alone (here) and Midnight Shadows (here), but the short version is they’re excellent.

Yomawari: The Long Night Collection comes out on Switch on the appropriate date of 10/30.  While there’s no price for the digital download available yet, you can pre-order the Limited Edition through the NISA store at $54.99.