GTA San Andreas, Midnight Club LA, and Table Tennis Coming to Xbox One Back Compat

The Xbox One’s backwards compatibility has been one of its greatest features since its debut a couple of years ago. It has led to new life being breathed into Xbox 360 games that were once forgotten, and the recent expansion to original Xbox games has allowed the console to play some of the best games of the past three console generations. Today, Rockstar announced that three of their Xbox 360 hits will be coming to the Xbox One via backwards compatibility. On Thursday June 7, Rockstar Games Table Tennis, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Midnight Club: Los Angeles will be playable on the Xbox One. The version of GTA offered up here i the Xbox 360 re-release of the mobile port – so it is a bit janky compared to the original PS2 and Xbox releases. With Midnight Club, both the original release and the Complete Edition will work fine. Table Tennis may seem like an oddball, but it was a darn fine game and the first peak that anyone had of Rockstar’s game engine for GTA IV.