Shiny Zygarde Giveaway for Pokémon Sun and Moon Starts Tomorrow

As we enter a new month, so does the Legendary Pokémon giveaway. June features only a single one to catch but it’s extra special. A shiny Zygarde can be yours just by visiting participating GameStop locations.

All you have to do is pick up the code and enter it into your copy of Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. Depending on which one you have, the Zygarde will have different attacks. In Sun and Moon you receive it at level 60 with Land’s Wrath, Glare, Safeguard and Dragon Breath. If you go for the Ultra versions the Zygarde is at level 100 and has Thousand Arrows, Outrage, Extreme Speed and Dragon Dance. The giveaway lasts from June 1 until June 24, so don’t delay.

Watch the video below featuring developers of the Pokémon games discuss Zygarde and how you may use it in battle. Read more about the giveaway on the official Pokémon website.