Destiny 2 is Full of Summer Fun, Year 2 Visions

Things are turning around for Destiny 2 and Bungie isn’t stopping the train of communication with the most recent weekly update laying out what’s ahead for Guardians in the coming months. Players will want to tune in to Bungie’s Twitch channel Tuesday June 5 at 9 A.M. PST.

From the sound of it, Bungie has big plans for how they will be shaping the lives of how Guardians play and interact within Destiny 2. The hope is to get players playing Destiny 2 as a hobby again instead of viewing it as a chore to be done.

The stream will have (per-usual) many developers coming through to speak directly on the things that Bungie is cooking up, especially when it comes to September. This will include exploring new territory with Game Director Steve Cotton and Project Lead Scott Taylor. Bungie will be responding to community feedback while unveiling some things players might not even be thinking about. The stream will conclude with an updated Roadmap and exciting promises.

For the full blog post head over to Bungie’s site and check out what else is in the works, such as new and improved return of Faction Rallies. The Lab Work Bungie has been talking around for Crucible also gets some light shed on it.

There seems to be plenty in the works for Destiny 2, with Bungie doing everything in their power to deliver the best possible experience they can as year two proceeds. Stay tuned, Guardian.