Neo-Noir Cyber-Puzzler Shift Quantum Now Available

Does it seems odd that someone would weave a cyberpunk, dystopian, neo-noir tale in with the gameplay of a seemingly simple puzzle-platformer? Well, it doesn’t seem odd to Red Panda Interactive and developers Fishing Cactus, as their latest game, Shift Quantum, is all about that combination, as you can see in the launch trailer below. The twisty cuber-puzzler action does look promising indeed, and suggests an intriguing tale may be involved.

Playing as an experimental test subject for Axon Vertigo, the game sees you plugging into the virtual world in order to test it out and see if it allows people to gain euphoria in anyway. It isn’t earned easily though, as you have to make use of the SHIFT mechanic in order to move blocks around, defy gravity, and jump into negative spaces, among other things, in order to reach the exits of over a hundred labyrinths (not even counting user-created levels). Of course, as the clip shows with our mysterious scarf-wearing girl, there may be a darker tale here instead. Shift Quantum is available on all major platforms, so check it out if you’re interested in a new puzzle-platformer.