NetEase Makes Major Investment in Bungie, Gains a Minority Stake

NetEase and Bungie today announced a new partnership to build new worlds for players around the world.

Chinese online gaming company NetEase has made a serious investment in Destiny developer Bungie. The company has invested more than $100 million in the company, gaining them a minority stake in the developer and a seat on the board of directors. Though Bungie did not announce any new titles, they did reveal they are interested in developing new worlds for new and old players.

“Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve entered into a new partnership with NetEase to help us explore new directions,” said Bungie in a prepared statement. “With their industry expertise, they’ll empower us to build new worlds and invite players, new and old, to join us there. They’ll help us support separate teams inside Bungie to bring our newest ambitions to life.”

This partnership with NetEase will allow Bungie to tap into a previously untapped market for them, China. Indeed, no Bungie developed title has ever been released in the country. NetEase, a Chinese company, would make it easy for Bungie to release new titles in the country. Their previous work can’t be released there under NetEase due to other publishers owning the IP. For example, it would be up to Activision Blizzard to decide whether or not to release Destiny in China.

Speaking of Destiny, Bungie was quick to assure that this partnership won’t impact it’s work on the franchise. The studio will continue to work with Activision to continue the franchise and complete its contract with them. The company will announce the major Destiny 2 fall expansion on June 5.

We’ll have to wait and see what Bungie has planned with NetEase.