Part 3 of Sonic Mania Adventures Now Available

Sega’s Sonic Mania Adventures tie-in shorts have been a real treat so far, thanks to Tyson Hesse’s amazing style and classic cartoon action, and now the third part of the post-Mania/Forces tale is available on YouTube for all to check out. With Part 2 having focused on Tails, it only makes sense that our next installment moves onto Knuckles, still paranoid over the thought of someone swiping the Master Emerald, as you can see below.

Notably giving Sonic a rest this time around, we see Knuckles’ various attempts to keep the emerald safe from potential thieves, including an appearance by Ray, tying into the upcoming release of Sonic Mania Plus. Things eventually go south after some comedic misunderstandings, with the stinger setting up a future showdown. Short but sweet, it’s another cute animated work that that does Sonic Mania and the rest of the franchise justice, so make sure to check it out.