Capcom Unveils Full Details on the Mega Man 11 Complete Edition for Japan

Mega Man 11 came as a huge announcement to many long-time fans of the beloved blue bomber and it seems such a special treat is due for the special edition it’s receiving for Japan. While most of the visuals for this particular edition have yet to be finalized, we at least have a list of items that will be included for fans interested. The complete edition for Mega Man 11 will include the physical game, a short 32 page starter guide, cloth poster, 64-pages of production notes, 30th anniversary keychain, Mega Man 1-up piggy bank, a special collector’s box and some bonus postcards for all versions. The only exception to this is list the Switch version which will also include the special Mega Man 11 amiibo.

The complete edition for Mega Man 11 is currently only planned for release in Japan, but we may see it come to the west at a later date. Until then, take a peak at the current work in progress sizes and visuals for the items below: