‘Countdown to E3’ for Sony Starts June 6 Featuring Daily New Game Announcements

It really does seem that everyone has opened their Christmas presents early this year in terms of what is coming at E3 2018. Sony has announced to show off its Big 4 games at E3 and hopefully there are still some things up its sleeves. Starting Wednesday, June 6 and lasting until Sunday, June 10, Sony will begin its ‘Countdown to E3’ with a daily announcement for something new each day. These titles might not be major titles, but it they will certainly be worth paying attention to. The time of the announcements will be at 4:00PM BST/5:00PM CEST. The breakdown is listed below.

Wednesday – New PS4 game with PSVR support

Thursday – Release date for an upcoming Worldwide Studios title

Friday – New PS4 game

Saturday – New PSVR game

Sunday – An eagerly anticipated game for PSVR