Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi is Now in Stores

The dense, enthralling Nobunaga’s Ambition series has captured the minds of generations of players. Koei Tecmo knows this, but also knows that they need to tempt new players into the fold. Their latest, Nobunaga’s Amibition: Taishi does a remarkable job of pulling this seemingly impossible task off. The best news is that this title has launched today, just in time to while away the hot summer hours with a compulsively playable strategy game.

Early adopters will also receive some extra treats. Those that purchase in the first four weeks after launch will receive an extra scenario, Nobunaga Besieged. This alone is a hefty amount of bonus content, as one scenario packs an incredible amount of gameplay to complete. On top of that, Koei Tecmo is throwing in alternate character profile designs for a select number of characters, a profile set called “Princess Warriors”, and a bonus character design for Megohime. While these latter are superfluous cosmetic items, their still a nice perk on top of the extra scenario, let alone the massive amount of content already in the game. Check out the opening cinematic below to get a taste.