Splatoon 2 World Championship Tournament Given More Details

Splatoon quickly became a fan-favorite title for competitive gaming. With its success came Splatoon 2 and a whole new way to experience tournament style play. This year at E3, top Inklings from around the world will converge on the event to take part in the Splatoon 2 World Championship. Will we see new winners crowned?

On June 11 the opening and semi-final rounds will take place. The teams of GG BoyZ, Yeah Nah, Backsquids and defending champions, SetToDestroyX will fling some ink through Turf War and Ranked Battle. The finals will commence on June 12 and the winning team will be etched in squidstory. Watch the most skilled Splatoon 2 players battle for dominance! Look for all the specifics of the matches on the official Tumblr page.

Starting June 7 however, players will be able to obtain a special themed shirt to use as part of their gear. Fans in attendance of the event will get to pick up a physical version of it as a super cool reminder. Be sure to keep an eye, ear and tentacle on the pulse of E3 news and Hardcore Gamer for possible Splatoon 2 news!