Chrono Trigger on Steam Receives Third Patch

Not too long ago Chrono Trigger became available on Steam, and the initial launch was generally not well received due to the port having more in common with the mobile version than the classic SNES incarnation. However, Square Enix took note of the feedback and has been gradually patching the game since launch in order to improve it with the third of these patches being released today. This patch brings the following changes, taken from the Steam page:

  1. The UI has been further updated for those using a controller or keyboard in a number of areas:
    • Whilst moving on the world map, in towns and in dungeons.
    • How options in dialog are displayed.
    • Shop screens.
    • Whilst selecting a time period to visit.
    • In mini-games too.
  2. Improvements have been made to battles
    • You can now flip between pages within menus with single button presses.
    • Available techs are immediately updated when recovering MP.
    • The duration the explanation window is shown at the top of the screen has been extended.
    • Changes have been made to the priority for which information is shown first when there are multiple messages in explanation windows.
    • A bug where some controls would still respond while the game is paused in battle has been fixed.
  3. Following the last update, we’ve continued to improve gameplay speed in areas where it previously slowed down.
  4. The difficulty has been made more forgiving in specific mini games during story events.
  5. Controller input is now disabled when the game is not active.
  6. Additional minor bug fixes.

Chrono Trigger is considered one of the best RPGs of the 16-bit era and holds up very well even today. After a rough launch, Square Enix’s reception to fan feedback has come along way in turning this port around. A fourth update is scheduled to arrive sometime later in June, and based on how things are going the Steam version could eventually end up becoming the definitive version of Chrono Trigger, though that is quite a high bar to reach for.