Classic Puzzles Get Psychedelic in Tetris Effect

Tetris has been an icon of the video game industry ever since its debut in the 80’s. It grew to popular heights thanks to its mobility on the Game Boy and has received many spin-offs over the years. Now, a brand new experience is coming in the form of Tetris Effect.

It is named after experimental testing on patients and volunteers who played the original game and started seeing shapes in front of them. Some of whom suffered from amnesia and could not form new memories which meant they did not know they played the game, however would still see the shapes in their mind. Tetris Effect comes from the developers of Lumines and Rez Infinite which means there is a ton of puzzle game experience being put into the title. Now, in relation to the testing mentioned above, this new game is meant to deliver mind-blowing atmospheric feelings due to beautifully trippy graphics and music. It has been heavily researched and developed in a scientific way to create a sense magic. Familiar gameplay and modes will be included along with various new features.

Tetris Effect is set to release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. Catch the stunning trailer below and read more on the official PlayStation Blog.