WarioWare Gold Box Art Revealed

Mini-games are a pretty fun way to take a break from the main action in video games. But what if you just had a whole game completely filled with them? WarioWare made it a huge success years ago and now WarioWare Gold is coming in just a couple of months to make it even better.

WarioWare Gold will feature at least 300 games to play through. Complete each one so you don’t lose your turns and see how far you can go. The box art for the new title has just been revealed and it features an all-star cast of characters encompassing the entirety of the series. Wario is front and center but there is Ashley, Jimmy T., Master Mantis, Mike, Young Cricket and many more.

The game will feature amiibo functionality as well which is confirmed via the little label on the cover. WarioWare Gold will release on August 3 for the 3DS. Check out the art below!