Outer Wilds Now Set to Explore the Vast Regions of Xbox One

As we discussed last month, Annapurna Interactive and developer Mobius Digital’s first-person sci-fi adventure Outer Wilds is a promising and unique title indeed, having you explore a small solar system in order to find the source of a Groundhog Day-style time loop that’s in effect, where the universe is destroyed every twenty minutes before it resets. It was due for just a PC release back then, but shouldn’t such a potential gem be available on other platforms as well?

Good news, then, because it was just announced recently that Outer Wilsd will be available for both Xbox One and Windows 10 at launch, complete with a quick yet effective announcement trailer that you can check out below which sums up a good chunk of the gameplay and showcases the universe that you’ll be exploring in less than thirty seconds. No concrete release date has been announced yet, but Outer Wilds should be due out later this year for PC and XB1, so keep an eye out for it.