iam8bit Unveils Inside Collector’s Edition But Won’t Tell You Its Contents

They’ve been dishing out teasers for a few days and while the secretive imagery wasn’t all that secretive to begin with, iam8bit have finally confirmed that they’ll be dishing out a Collector’s Edition to Playhead’s acclaimed, side-scrolling puzzle-platformer Inside. But if you were curious as to what the contents of this particular Collector’s Edition contains — especially given the asking price of $375 — well think again as iam8bit are being a little too secretive about the details it seems. But they are still allowing you to pre-order the thing regardless.

They do state that it comes with a [region-free] PS4 game disc and that it will weigh “a surprising amount”…so there’s that. But aside from this, only the extremely vague notion of “other stuff” is placed in the descriptor. What’s even more strange — and somewhat unsettling — is the fact that iam8bit will only reveal what people can expect, once the limited-edition product has begun shipping out. So yes, not the most enticing promotion of a product there’s ever been, but hey, it’s there if you’re eager. Eager enough to order it by tonight as pre-orders will cease at midnight.