E3 2018: Anthem’s Javelin Suits Finally See Some Action

Instead of waiting for one of the major console press conferences, EA elected to use their own conference to finally give players a closer look at Anthem. It’s been almost a year since fans have seen anything substantial for Bioware’s new IP, so seeing any gameplay at all is significant. 

During the EA Play conference, representatives from Bioware ran audience members through an abbreviated version of one of the game’s missions. Four different Javelins were on display along with some of their signature abilities. These suits included the Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm types. As one might expect, these names are an indication of each suits capabilities. As an example of this, the Ranger type seems to be aimed at hampering enemies and engaging single targets, while the Colossus type is good for taking on multiple enemies at once and soaking up damage.

The mission shown at the press event took the audience through a large cave system, put some of the Javelin suits’ abilities on display and concluded by teasing a boss encounter. General javelin abilities appear to include the ability to fly at will and combo off of the attacks launched by other players. Special abilities were separated by type. The ranger type has a freezing grenade, the storm type has a flamethrower and the colossus appears to possess both a ground pound and missile salvo ability. For those interested, the full demo can be seen below.

Other notable information revealed about Anthem includes the complete and total absence of loot boxes, something most gamers are certain to appreciate.

Anthem had previously been scheduled to release across PS4, Xbox One & PC this year, but now has an official release date of February 22, 2019.