E3 2018: Battlefield V Teases Nordlys War Story

Today, during EA’s E3 show, a new Battlefield V clip was released. It featured some hints at the action to come such as completely demolishing buildings, hooking up vehicles and quite a bit of snow. Towards the end however, a very brief look into a story mode was teased.

Battlefield V has been dedicating itself to realistic portrayals of war. This includes women such as Nordly, doing whatever is necessary to survive. We already know a bit about her background as a resistance fighter needing to save her family. In this clip we see soldiers closing in on two women. One of whom appears to be Nordly while the other could be her mother. Nordly is thrown over a railing into rushing waters below by the other woman. This is all we really get to see but certainly lays down insight as to what is happening in her life and why she has to save others.

A more detailed showing will take place during the Xbox One event during E3. Until then, watch the ending of the trailer below to see for yourself.